Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leftover Carrots

{Making Carrot- Sweet Potato Soup from Farmer John's Cookbook}
 When we're camping, how can we come home with so much food? I'll blame all the guests who show up at the dock bearing grocery bags! We had four pounds of extra carrots after our camping trip and I had to turn to my favorite carrot soup recipe when we got home.

The recipe calls for roasted cashews. So good! Just toast unsalted cashews for a few quick minutes in a pan. It's a pureed soup, so I like to make it ahead of time, put the pot in the fridge, and puree it when the mixture is cold. It's too hard to wrestle with hot mixtures and a food processor - especially with a double batch!
{No rows here - just a big clump. Broccoli above it!}
Pictures of finished soup and a recipe coming in part II! Here's the little carrot patch in our garden.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Potential Photographs for my New Book...

{lichen on an oak tree}

{daughter Rosie climbing}

{a pinecone among fallen leaves}
I've been going through YEARS of photographs I took to find the perfect ones to illustrate the new book I'm writings, Eco-Happy: Three Steps To An Earth-Friendly Life.

It's been fun to look at images I've taken in the past to see if they capture the moods I'm hoping to portray... Obviously, years ago I never thought I'd be writing a book, so photographs I took in the past then that fit the theme are so serendipitous!

I think it's actually harder to have a book in mind and try to take photographs for it! But, while in Lake George I shot a bunch, hoping to get what I needed. Here are three photographs I just took on my last vacation that might make the cut - which is your favorite?


p.s. Ericca, this is for you!