Monday, July 11, 2011

July Fun - Picking Fruit at Samascotts

{Happy Birthday Dad!}
 Here's the promised pictures of our 4th of July visit to Samascott Farms in Kinderhook, New York. It was my Dad's birthday and we had a blast!
We did blueberries first, before the heat of the day set in...

{Evie and Son H, my good pickers}
It was a big field of bushes, but watch out for the groundhog holes!

{sour cherries}
 Next we went into the shade of the cherry trees and threw down a blanket for a picnic lunch.  After sandwiches and tart lemonade we filled our containers with sweet cherries and sour cherries...

{Son H, Rosie and Evie among the branches}
 The sweet cherries had a lot of rot, so you had to climb to find the good ones.

{kids on the car}
 My Dad told how his father used to pull their beat-up cars under the trees when he was a kid to pick the fruit, so my husband backed up the minivan...
Too much fun! See the dessert we made the next day here.
Do you have  a favorite picking place?



  1. Favorite picking place is our backyard and field since we have pears, peaches, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, apples, grapes, and cherries. I think there's one or two others but my brain is mush from the heat we're getting today. Of course with our fruit picking you have to be brave because once in a while there's a black bear eating the fruit at the other end! That's the country for you!

  2. Debra- Bears! That is country. What a property you must have!

    We had four blueberry bushes at our old house and hope to plant some new blueberry bushes at our new house this Fall. I'd love to try fruit trees but they look like a lot of work. I'm really impressed by all your trees!


  3. Oh what great pictures!! The children look like they are having so much fun and the berries and cherries look awesome!!

  4. How lovely! Love picking fruits! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. Looks like a fun day! I grew up in North Carolina and we used to do that in the summer...we would pick raspberries.

  6. Incredibly cute photos of your Dad and your kids. It's funny to see the different light even on your coast, it's all so much more sunny there!. My fave thing growing up was picking blackberries on the side of the road....Also love the little montage you did of three pics lined up, going to try that...Plus your Dad looks incredibly fit and young!

  7. Jody- I will pass that comment on to my Dad, he will love you!


  8. Oh how fun!! I need to take my boys fruit picking!!


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