Friday, December 31, 2010

But What Decade is this Dress?

As this year comes to a close, I'm heading to a New Year's Party where the theme is "DECADES." Partygoers need to dress in any decade they choose. 

I'm a lucky girl - the host of the party sent me a dress to wear as well! I haven't seen her yet to ask anything about this dress, but she volunteers at a thrift shop, so perhaps it came from there.

Now, here's my question: What Decade is this Dress?

A small tag on the side seam tells me the dress was made in East Germany. Made of a knit fabric with the bold diagonal pattern printed on, the only fitted part is two simple tucks on the bodice. The colorful op-art design might place it in the 60s, but because it's so unstructured, I'm guessing the 70s. What do you think?


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We have a Winner!

{sterling silver Triple Lucy necklace with red, apple green and plum multi, with faceted tourmaline beads}
Congrats and a Happy New Year to the winner of the Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway - Adrienne!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

{Naughty or Nice list? They find out today! Son H, Evie and Rosie}
Merry Christmas!

Hopefully this post will pop up on December 25, but no, I'm not hunched over my laptop today. I've scheduled this post a few days back (thank you Blogger scheduled post feature!) and today I'm by the tree with my family enjoying the day.

Why does December seem to fly by faster and faster each year? And why do I never get tired of all the preparations and fun? I'm counting my blessings (including the three above) and wishing everyone a Joyful and Merry day!

Are you the open-all-the-presents-at-once family, or a take-your-time-and-open-one-at-a-time family? ...and did Santa get you what you wanted?


(p.s. - Don't forget to enter my Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway  this month! Winner drawn on December 28!)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pure Style Home Holiday Inspired Lunch

{the awaited issue!}
Have you seen Lauren Liess's home in the latest Better Homes & Gardens?

Everyone following Lauren's blog Pure Style Home had been waiting patiently for the issue to come out. Her stylish house is featured in "Christmas Present" on page 66, written by Joanna Linberg, produced by Jessica Thomas, and with luminous photography by Helen Norman. Back in February Lauren gave us all a fantastic peek behind the scenes at the photoshoot. Now, we finally see the results!
{Santa, come on over! (photo: Helen Norman)}
Of course, her home looks GORGEOUS decked out for the holidays! Lauren's interior design philosophy of "Pure Style" is based on keeping things simple, happy & beautiful. Her decorations are nature-inspired and kid-friendly - she has two little ones at home!

Lauren's holiday palette inspired a lunch at my home last week... It's not as gorgeous as her home, I know, but I had a great time putting it together:
{My dining room - real snow on the evergreens outside the window!}
I had some friends and a sweet bunch of preschoolers over on a Wednesday. My Pure Style Home inspiration was moss and citron greens, silver and copper, whites, spheres, vintage-look fabrics, warm brown woods, natural objects, and a touch of whimsy.

{my son's toys}
How cute and whimsical are these little wooden toys at the table? Lauren had adorable white polar bears at the holiday place settings in her home.

{A wooden church carved by my great grandfather behind the buffet.}
Pears tied with citron green grosgrain ribbon sit at the buffet. I served kid-friendly food, but I still went with Lauren's colors - coppery brown nuts and pears, bright green grapes and a snowy white coconut cake.

{centerpiece detail - white roses, aloe spears and evergreens}
Pulling off this lunch was so much fun. I started by gathering up all the objects around my house reminding me of Lauren's holiday look. Her style is so natural, effortless and charming, you don't worry about perfection. I know I'm not even close to how stunning Lauren's decorations look - but it was a ball (bad pun- sorry!) trying!
{"...I'm running off to join the others!"}
I never did get the photo of my cute little guests and their parents around the table I envisioned. The kids and my son scarfed down their food then ran off to play with Legos before my camera came out. And they would not come back to pose!

{David, Lauren, and their adorable sons Christian and Justin (photo:Helen Norman)}
A Happy Holidays and huge Thank You to Lauren Liess and her blog Pure Style Home for all the inspiration! In the next few days I'll post on how I pulled everything together: 1.The Table,  2.The Dessert, and 3.The Buffet, so stay tuned!


(p.s. - Don't forget to enter my Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway  this month! Winner drawn on December 28!)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Velvet & Linen Ornament on my tree!

{My new ornament on our blue spruce Christmas Tree}

 I was so excited to get my "Junk Girls" ornament in the mail! It's a giveaway I won from the talented Brooke Giannetti on her lovely blog Velvet & Linen. It traveled from California to New York to find a new home on our Christmas tree. Yes, I squealed when I found out I won! Made from a recycled vintage spoon, I love it!

You can buy these ornaments as well as other gorgeous and unique home goods at Giannetti Home, Brooke's shop in Los Angeles. Brooke and her architect husband Steve also offer Architectural, Interior Design and Landscape services. If you haven't read Brooke's fantastic blog Velvet & Linen, do yourself a favor and try it. Like me, I'm sure you'll have it bookmarked to see what beautiful projects the Giannettis will dream up next!

And if you don't live near Los Angeles? Look here, where you can purchase Giannetti Home furniture (many original Giannetti Home designs) and beautiful home goods online.

Thank you Brooke, and Happy Holidays to you, your husband, and your staff in L.A.! (And if you think the silk roses on my New York Christmas tree look nice, than take a look at the real roses in Brooke's California garden)


(p.s. - Don't forget to enter my Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway  this month! Winner drawn on December 28!)

I know how elves feel

I haven't been very good at showing what I've been working on in the jewelry studio recently. Truth is December is a time to finish up my custom holiday jewelry orders and I can't give anything away! Imagine if someone saw their Christmas gift on my blog before they got it! So like Santa's elves, I have to be very secretive!

After Christmas I hope to post a few pics of my elf work - but I've been so busy I haven't taken many!


(p.s. - Don't forget to enter my Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway  this month! Winner drawn on December 28!)

O Holiday Mantle (Tale of Woe)

So many holiday mantles posted on the web. But aren't they lacking something?

{Glamour and Sophistication from Centsational Girl}
Hmmm, manicured greenery, silvery spheres...

Robyn's sweet take from The Pink Peony of le Jardin}
...the red and white candies everywhere...

{Can you believe Layla MADE the mirror - The Lettered Cottage reflects classic charm!}
...and let's not forget adorable stockings pinned hopefully up...

{O Tale of Woe}
 Nice and all, BUT... How about something, well DIFFERENT. A little more original.
Like our holiday mantle! Luckily, our contractor just couldn't finish the project he promised this October! A touch of rustic - weathered plywood, combined with festive white snowy trash bag and red duct tape...
{Can't you just feel the drafts?}
What, you say? Can you believe this amazing project was DIY? Well, yes it was! My dear husband applied the duct tape ever so artfully.

And the bonus? Don't you love wrapping yourself in a cozy sweater when winter winds blow? Yes - we have those icy drafts right here in our living room! Grab that sweater and hot cocoa!

(A big thank you to Layla's Holiday Home Linky Party at The Lettered Cottage  for the great holiday mantle inspirations - and no, I didn't add our mantle to her Linky Party!)


(p.s. - Don't forget to enter my Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway  this month! Winner drawn on December 28!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Look who's Five!

{the innocent of the bunch}
Look who's five! It seems like yesterday he was my best present ever - born a week before Christmas!

Happy Birthday Little Guy!

(p.s. - Don't forget to enter my Fantastic Holiday Jewelry Giveaway  this month! Winner drawn on December 28!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fantastic Holiday Jewelry GIVEAWAY!

{sterling silver Triple Lucy necklace with red, apple green and plum multi, with faceted tourmaline beads}
I'm in a happy holiday mood and am offering readers of this blog a fantastic Loretta Fontaine Jewelry GIVEAWAY this month! I'll choose the winner on December 28 - you could be wearing this beautiful necklace around your neck in the New Year!

To enter, become a follower of this blog and leave a comment below. For more ten chances to win, post this giveaway on your blog. For even another ten chances to win, post this giveaway on Facebook!
{detail - I chose the tourmaline beads for the rich natural colors}

The necklace features miniature original photographs of my own paintings, and is strung on an absolutely stunning strand of faceted tourmaline beads. (Retail value of this necklace is $240.00) Thank you all for your support this year - I am truly indebted to this wonderful blogging community for inspiration and kindness.

Happy Holidays, and I am so excited to draw a winner for this one!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Real-Deal Vintage Look

{My Rosie - sweet seven years old}
Do you know someone fascinated with vintage clothing patterns? I do! I took these photos of my daughter Rosie for Kayce Hughes, owner of her own women's and children's clothing company. I wanted to show Kayce this top my mother sewed for me when I was a child...
My Mom sewed this up in the mid 70's, look at the two little tucks in the bodice and the adorable gathered sleeves!
Of course, a little red rick rack trim never goes out of style! And did my Mom choose that chicory blue fabric for the sweet floral print or the fact it's an indestructible polyester?

Do you have any real-deal vintage in your closet?

If not, the next best thing is a piece from Kayce's line Kayce Hughes. That love of vintage clothing patterns and a keen eye for classic details make Kayce's clothing stay in style for decades. 

... and Kayce is offering enjoy 35% off any of her items. Enter the code: "thirtyfive" at check out, offer will end tomorrow 9pm central on December 16 on her website!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where I'd send you to buy jewelry...

Love the aqua letters at the entrance - located in The Shirt Factory
Where would I send you for some holiday jewelry shopping?

How about the oh-so-cool FLUX Silver Gallery, Upstate New York’s Hottest Metals Gallery Featuring High-Quality Art Jewelry in Silver and Gold, in Glens Falls, New York. 

They are the latest gallery carrying my jewelry! My work will be shown in their beautiful display cases alongside jewelry by Anne Havel, Heather Bayless, Sasha Bell, Bijou Graphique, Bound Earth, Sarah Hood, Ann Jenkins, Mark Kaplan, Stephen LeBlanc, Nancy Miller, Carrie Nunes, and Erin Jane Staples. GREAT stuff!

FLUX was started just one year ago by Winnie Chai, Cindy Cook and Mylissa Corlew. Winnie had founded a small all-women art support/critique group called 518Make, and during one of their get-togethers the brainstorming for this gallery began.

...and did I mention that these three owners are also amazing jewelers as well?
That seals the deal - if you are in upstate New York throw your support behind this fabulous new gallery and this terrific threesome!

What is your favorite local jewelry shop?