Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pure Style Home Holiday Inspired Lunch

{the awaited issue!}
Have you seen Lauren Liess's home in the latest Better Homes & Gardens?

Everyone following Lauren's blog Pure Style Home had been waiting patiently for the issue to come out. Her stylish house is featured in "Christmas Present" on page 66, written by Joanna Linberg, produced by Jessica Thomas, and with luminous photography by Helen Norman. Back in February Lauren gave us all a fantastic peek behind the scenes at the photoshoot. Now, we finally see the results!
{Santa, come on over! (photo: Helen Norman)}
Of course, her home looks GORGEOUS decked out for the holidays! Lauren's interior design philosophy of "Pure Style" is based on keeping things simple, happy & beautiful. Her decorations are nature-inspired and kid-friendly - she has two little ones at home!

Lauren's holiday palette inspired a lunch at my home last week... It's not as gorgeous as her home, I know, but I had a great time putting it together:
{My dining room - real snow on the evergreens outside the window!}
I had some friends and a sweet bunch of preschoolers over on a Wednesday. My Pure Style Home inspiration was moss and citron greens, silver and copper, whites, spheres, vintage-look fabrics, warm brown woods, natural objects, and a touch of whimsy.

{my son's toys}
How cute and whimsical are these little wooden toys at the table? Lauren had adorable white polar bears at the holiday place settings in her home.

{A wooden church carved by my great grandfather behind the buffet.}
Pears tied with citron green grosgrain ribbon sit at the buffet. I served kid-friendly food, but I still went with Lauren's colors - coppery brown nuts and pears, bright green grapes and a snowy white coconut cake.

{centerpiece detail - white roses, aloe spears and evergreens}
Pulling off this lunch was so much fun. I started by gathering up all the objects around my house reminding me of Lauren's holiday look. Her style is so natural, effortless and charming, you don't worry about perfection. I know I'm not even close to how stunning Lauren's decorations look - but it was a ball (bad pun- sorry!) trying!
{"...I'm running off to join the others!"}
I never did get the photo of my cute little guests and their parents around the table I envisioned. The kids and my son scarfed down their food then ran off to play with Legos before my camera came out. And they would not come back to pose!

{David, Lauren, and their adorable sons Christian and Justin (photo:Helen Norman)}
A Happy Holidays and huge Thank You to Lauren Liess and her blog Pure Style Home for all the inspiration! In the next few days I'll post on how I pulled everything together: 1.The Table,  2.The Dessert, and 3.The Buffet, so stay tuned!


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  1. Loretta, great post! i love how you did the lunch - so pretty! Those little animals are so cute and the food looked so yummy. I get Better Homes mag and remember this article - really like it and loved the link to the behind the scenes of it. Will look for your behind the scenes next! L

  2. Loretta - best post yet! Your house looks so festive and nice little touches everywhere. Love all the greens. Send a piece of the cake my way, please! you should be in a mag, too!

  3. Luv the charming wooden animals!
    Merry Christmas dear Loretta, to you & your family!


  4. Loretta, I love this post! So helpful and beautifully photographed. I'm always looking for ways to add that special personal touch; the contrast between the balls' reflection and wood worked perfectly.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Loretta, love it! So festive and charming. My favorite are the brown pears tied with the green ribbon - so simple and elegant. Merry Christmas! Danielle

  6. Your table is beautiful, I bet your luncheon was a big hit ! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment on my trees.

  7. I'm always inspired by Lauren's blog too. Your table looks lovely and I love that you put your own spin on the look by adding the toys.

  8. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren and she is such a sweet gal and her husband too....She is just nice! I love that about her and her designs.

  9. Great tablescape! I love the combination of things. Thanks for sharing and thanks also for checking out my blog. Feel free to follow and I do hope you check back and also share feedback on ideas along the way! ;) Blessings to you and your family! Cute little ones!


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