Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where I'd send you to buy jewelry...

Love the aqua letters at the entrance - located in The Shirt Factory
Where would I send you for some holiday jewelry shopping?

How about the oh-so-cool FLUX Silver Gallery, Upstate New York’s Hottest Metals Gallery Featuring High-Quality Art Jewelry in Silver and Gold, in Glens Falls, New York. 

They are the latest gallery carrying my jewelry! My work will be shown in their beautiful display cases alongside jewelry by Anne Havel, Heather Bayless, Sasha Bell, Bijou Graphique, Bound Earth, Sarah Hood, Ann Jenkins, Mark Kaplan, Stephen LeBlanc, Nancy Miller, Carrie Nunes, and Erin Jane Staples. GREAT stuff!

FLUX was started just one year ago by Winnie Chai, Cindy Cook and Mylissa Corlew. Winnie had founded a small all-women art support/critique group called 518Make, and during one of their get-togethers the brainstorming for this gallery began.

...and did I mention that these three owners are also amazing jewelers as well?
That seals the deal - if you are in upstate New York throw your support behind this fabulous new gallery and this terrific threesome!

What is your favorite local jewelry shop?


  1. Loretta, that gallery looks so polished and sophisticated! Good for those three women! I'm sure your jewelry will do very well there! In the Cherry Creek North area of Denver we have SHOW OF HANDS which has a great selection of jewelry - your jewelry should be there, too! Liza

  2. Can't beat Peridot Fine Jewelry on Mason Avenue in Greenwich Connecticut!


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