Sunday, December 19, 2010

O Holiday Mantle (Tale of Woe)

So many holiday mantles posted on the web. But aren't they lacking something?

{Glamour and Sophistication from Centsational Girl}
Hmmm, manicured greenery, silvery spheres...

Robyn's sweet take from The Pink Peony of le Jardin}
...the red and white candies everywhere...

{Can you believe Layla MADE the mirror - The Lettered Cottage reflects classic charm!}
...and let's not forget adorable stockings pinned hopefully up...

{O Tale of Woe}
 Nice and all, BUT... How about something, well DIFFERENT. A little more original.
Like our holiday mantle! Luckily, our contractor just couldn't finish the project he promised this October! A touch of rustic - weathered plywood, combined with festive white snowy trash bag and red duct tape...
{Can't you just feel the drafts?}
What, you say? Can you believe this amazing project was DIY? Well, yes it was! My dear husband applied the duct tape ever so artfully.

And the bonus? Don't you love wrapping yourself in a cozy sweater when winter winds blow? Yes - we have those icy drafts right here in our living room! Grab that sweater and hot cocoa!

(A big thank you to Layla's Holiday Home Linky Party at The Lettered Cottage  for the great holiday mantle inspirations - and no, I didn't add our mantle to her Linky Party!)


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  1. Sorry for your project-not-done! It's happened to me, too. but you did make it look festive!


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