Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Crafts On Madison This Weekend

I'll be exhibiting my jewelry at this show in Albany, New York this upcoming Friday and Saturday. Last year I volunteered to organize this show, read about that here, but this year I've passed that torch to someone else!

The Facebook page for the show is here.

I still volunteer to write the show's blog!

If you are in Albany, please stop in to this beautiful show and say hello!

Here's one of the pieces I'll be bringing:

{Theresa necklace in sterling silver with White Tulip and freshwater pearls}



  1. That necklace is so pretty! Good luck with your show and have some fun with it it's a holiday sale after all!

  2. Your stuff is so gorgeous. Best of luck at Crafts on Madison!

  3. Lovely necklace, I saw this on Facebook, very cool - good luck!!!

  4. OOh and forgot to say that Tallulah was taking a million shots and got that one of lemon-cut screaming one of Cy - but yes, agreed recreation is always a good back up!!!!

  5. You're a cut above the rest. I love your sample. Lovely!


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