Thursday, September 20, 2012

Squirrels in the Sunflowers

{sunflowers in vase by my friend Liz Vigoda}
When we lived in our city house years ago, I couldn't plant sunflowers because the city squirrels would chew them off at the base of the stem as soon as the flowers formed.

When Evie decided to plant some sunflowers this year I was happy to see the first large glorious blossoms survive. Then smaller sunflower buds started branching off the main stem and we had lots of flowers, and a constant stream of cheery flitting goldfinches to eat the seeds.

And then a bold squirrel found the sunflowers - and chewed the plants off at the base of the stem. I scooped up what was left for the compost bin, but was able to save a few blossoms and put them in vases around the house.

Any suggestions for keeping squirrels away from sunflowers?



  1. I have no idea how to keep those pesky rodents away since I have the same problem with them. Dylan does his best to chase them but they're always about. Glad you were able to save a few beautiful flowers!


  2. Oh I love sunflowers and these are just so pretty!

  3. Love sunflowers and I'm not sure why I have never planted any. But did not they were so loved by the ssssneaky little squirrel guys!


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