Friday, October 19, 2012

Goodbye Garden Tomatoes...

We had a hard frost last week here in New York - so goodbye garden tomatoes. I'm posting a photo of our tomatoes I took a month ago - to post a photo of the brown, withered vines in the garden would be too sad!

We grew an heirloom tomato with pink skin (can you see the color in the photograph?) Ironically, it's the exact same shade as the hothouse tomatoes you'd find in the grocery store! My mother bought the the plants two years ago for her garden, and we saved her seeds for two years in the fridge before we planted them.

The only veggie left in the gardens is swiss chard, and I'm covering it every night with tarps to protect it from the cold and the deer! Swiss chard is a really hardy plant, and I hope to keep harvesting it for another month. (Also am covering a hot pepper plant I hope to pot up soon!)



  1. Loretta- Nothing like a fresh garden tomato! Was it easy to grow the heirloom type?

  2. Our crop here this summer was not good at all - not sure why because the sun shone all the time. Must have been the soil.


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