Friday, February 25, 2011

"Vintage" clothes for Fresh Quince

{the vintage loot!}
Almost 200 people entered my  jewelry and chocolates giveaway, but only ten people entered my vintage clothing giveaway. Come on folks, let me tell you the clothing giveaway was the better one! Let's take a look at a few of the clothes from my last clothing swap I packed up for winner Danielle of Fresh Quince...
{"My Michelle" blocked tank dress}
 Luckily, Danielle is not my size, or this dress would have been mine all mine...
{Nine West tan leather slingbacks}
...and luckily we wear different shoe sizes or this stunning pair would have been mine as well. These heels would look great with the dress above, no?
{perfect heel!}
...and look - Did anyone ever wear these? Maybe once on a carpeted floor because they are in MINT condition! And a few clothing items I am giving Danielle are brand new, too!
{Ann Taylor shell with ruffled sleeves}
Danielle was hoping for anything striped, but I am sorry to say her perfect and adorable striped dress was snatched up by my oldest daughter Evie. Only ten and tall, she can wear the smallest women's sizes. (She was killing me trying on heels at the swap!) So, Danielle, how about some prints instead?
{mosaic love}
A detail of the fabric from the shirt above. So fun!
{Old Navy chocolate brown tank}
Two details from some cute tank tops. Here are jewels...
{Mary Beth N.Y. tank}
...and some sweet fabric roses!
{Talbots black ribboned skirt}
This skirt is a bit preppy, but I'm sure Danielle can use it as a base to mix it up with some fun pieces. 

Danielle and I had a long phone conversation about some of the things I was on the fence sending her. A long rust red skirt?  Didn't make the cut and hit the donation pile. A see-through lime green chiffon shirt with HUGE sides that I called a butteryfly shirt? Not so sure. 

"Send it," Danielle says.
{Free People dress from Design Manifest}
Good thing, because next day I see on Naomi's blog Design Manifest a similar look. (Naomi's sister is designing for Free People!) Ironically, Danielle and I were talking about blogs that write fashion well and Naomi's blog was mentioned, of course!
{Willi Smith cotton/linen print dress - brand new!}
One last dress from the pile. Isn't this just gorgeous and a great cut? So sorry Danielle, it's not navy blue...

...then you could dress just like Emily Hendersen!

Remember everyone, to watch her show Secrets From A Stylist tomorrow night! And Danielle, let me know your favorite piece from all I sent you! I had SO much fun "shopping" for you! All clothing left from my swap was donated to For Pete's Sake in Albany, New York, a thrift shop to benefit Saint Peter's hospital.

p.s. still looking for opinions on my new profile picture!


  1. Send it! heehee. Thanks again Loretta! It all looks lovely and those shoes are killer. I thought it was such a fun giveaway!!! xx Danielle

  2. Awe, thanks for the mention, Loretta!

    I hardly consider myself a fashionista. But I've been trying to pay more attention to it. I figure I should approach fashion with the same love and creativity I give to interior design.

    Have a nice weekend,

  3. Loretta, Love the black "Emily" dress and the heels. Lucky Danielle!

  4. Is it just me or did I miss both your giveaways? I think I need to pay better attention since some of those items I would have loved to own!

  5. Oh, how I love that Free People is amazing!

  6. That Free People Dress is really pretty.

  7. I am happy for Danielle but sad I didn't score those heels! Cute stuff Loretta! Happy Monday! -Ann

  8. Oh, love those tan slingbacks! Also love the new picture.


  9. Hi Loretta! So fun to have you following! Have a great week.

  10. Loved those shoes, absolutely loved them. Nine West - how cool, they looked so vintage... Oh lucky Danielle!

  11. those shoes are to die for - I mean how fab - you are a great shopper - maybe a new career as a personal shopper - hee hee love le xox

  12. Hi there! I love the Nine West shoes! Great stuff. Thaks for becoming a follower of my blog!

  13.'re so so so sweet! Thanks for figuring out my 6th month mark...I would have never done it on my own. The funny thing is I started around my birthday and the 6th month mark is around my sons birthday. Kinda funny!!!! xoxoxoDanielle

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog (always)...
    I hope you are doing well!
    Happy March 1!

  15. Those slingbacks are fabulous! Lovely pieces! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  16. when will you visit Portland I just got back from india...hope i didn't miss you!

  17. Fun fun! I have seen so many fashion blogs lately where adorable outfits are put together from thrift/vintage stores. I would have never guessed. Love those shoes. I hope you are well Loretta!

  18. Fun, fun blog! So happy to have found you.

    Good luck in my painting give-away at


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