Saturday, April 23, 2011

Escher in the Berkshires (& My Mom!)

{Day to Night, M.C. Escher}

Since my husband teaches Math at a local high school, the whole family is enjoying a Spring Break. Last Monday we took a road trip to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to see an exhibit on M.C. Escher. My Mom was out of town and couldn't come with us, but she was still "there" as you'll see later in this post...

{Son H outside the museum}

Escher was a Dutch artist known for his amazing art based on geometry and tiling. (See the cool lizard tessellation on the sign above.) The Exhibit is at the Berkshire Museum through May 22 and titled "M.C. Escher: Seeing The Unseen."
{Sky and Water I: M.C. Escher, source All rights reserved. }
The exhibit was fun - and a little hard on the eyes with all the intricate imagery to look at! Here's one of my favorite woodblock prints. Too clever!
{Doris Schattschneider's book Escher: Visions of Symmetry}
So how do I fit my Mom in here? See this book on Escher held by Rosie?

{in the foreword of the book}
My talented Mom, Anne Fontaine is a mathematician with her doctorate in tiling theory. She was one of the folks who reviewed this book of Escher's work. How fun is it to search out your Mom's name in a book in the museum gift shop?

{heading home}
A great way to spend an overcast Spring day in the Berkshires. We may even try to make some Escher-style tessellations at home!


p.s. remember how I used an Escher font to design my blog logo?


  1. How awesome! Hope you have a wonderful Easter! xx Danielle

  2. You're right the Escher print is hard on your eyes but it's an amazing talent and very interesting. How fun to find your Mom's name in a book like that you must be so proud. I love the Berkshires especially since Dylan dog was born there. Happy Easter to you and your family Loretta.

    XX Debra,

  3. That's great! you are in Portland..when do you plan to stop at my store i am closed on Monday and someone else work for me on Sunday...

  4. Happy Easter L to you and the family ... what a great day out - we do the Zoo yesterday - in Sydney - Taronga - I call it a heritage zoo as it is steeped in history and sits right on the harbour - it's a delight - best le xox

  5. I forgot to say happy birthday to your daughter Rosie...hope she had a great day! xx Danielle

  6. ...that's right! Rosie's birthday falls on Earth Day! She's a sweet 8!


  7. I do not even know a mathematician! That's pretty awesome...guess there was NO slacking in math at your house growing up :)

  8. Hello Loretta,
    Lovely blog and certainly sounds like a wonderful day out with the family. How neat to find your mum's name in print too.
    Lou x

  9. The exhibit looked pretty cool and double cool to see your mom's name in the book. xo

  10. Wow that is incredibly cool about your mother. An mathemetician who is an expert in tiling theory - is that the interlacing of geometric shapes (I am showing my ignorance here!)I am fascinated! Would love to hear more about your mother.


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