Monday, April 4, 2011

Wishes For Charlie: An interview with Sarah from La Maison Boheme

Our dear friend and blogger Sarah Greenman of  La Maison Boheme has a beautiful eight month old boy Charlie who will be having cranio-surgery soon.  Charlie suffered a stroke in-utero and is on a healing path with great strides but a lifetime to go.

 I've asked Sarah some questions about this blessed and challenging time in her life.

Where does love fall in this journey?
Sarah: It falls everywhere.  It falls all around us.  The only reason Charlie is here is because I loved someone.  He is an embodiment of LOVE in all its forms.  And, while I'm not a religious person, I believe that he is healing because of the enormous out pouring of love that is swirling around him.  The doctors don't know why he's getting better.  They don't know why he had the stroke or the skull fuse and they can't explain why he isn't more "affected"... but I think its love. 

What are your wishes for Charlie's surgery?
I am so pleased with the care he has received so far.  Dr. Fearon is really wonderful on all kinds of levels.  I want this surgery to go smoothly and for it to be 100% effective so that we don't have to go back in next year and repeat the surgery.  

What have you learned from your sons?
Oh this is a hard one... so many things.  I've learned that I take myself and my work too seriously.  I've learned that there is a deep well of joy in every living creature, and that this joy must be nurtured in order to be revealed.  I've learned that my husband and I are even more perfectly matched that I suspected.  I've learned that the only proper response to hardship is to embrace it, listen to it and create a space for its transformation.

{A powerful paintbrush}
How can you help? Sarah is asking for prayers and good wishes. Big Brother Walker has put his artwork on greeting cards on the Help Charlie Heal shop on Etsy to help his adored little brother. And you can make a direct contribution at


  1. So wonderful for sharing Loretta! I'll post on Facebook too!

  2. Thanks for sharing Loretta! I'll pray for him!

  3. Wonderful interview with Sarah, I am so thriled with everyone getting the word out.

    Excited for the notecards to come back in stock as I want to also include them in a giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Charlie is such a beautiful little boy and I've been saying prayers for him. Thanks for sharing Loretta.

  5. what a nice interview you did! Sarah's words about love made my eyes a little misty, so sweet!

  6. What a wonderful interview. I love what she has learned from her sons, puts all our lives in perspective!

  7. I read about Charlie on another blog, what an incredible story. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. The Help Charlie Heal art card shop is restocked again! Thank you to everyone for your support and outpouring of love.

  9. Charlie is my grandson, and I am amazed by the support that has come his way. Thank you for your help in spreading the love.


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