Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drawings of my windowseat...

Our living room will start to look very different soon...

{The rear of my 1978 house, walk out basement...}
As promised, here's some drawings of our construction project. Here's an elevation drawing I did of the back of our house, showing the new gabled windowseat...

{These windows are almost 6'-0" tall, and two more narrow ones flank the sides}
...and here's an elevation sketch from the inside. These photos are not the best, I snapped them as the light was getting low! The addition will project out from the house by three feet, replacing a fireplace (We tore out the bricks last October),  and fireplace chase.

I'll share more drawings and photos soon! The windows have been delivered (yeah!) and construction will start this month.  I'm finalizing the last-minute details, and hope to get some opinions from all of you!


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  1. It's going to be the window seat!! Can't wait to follow the progress ~

  2. Oh it is going to look beautiful!! I agree am so excited to see the progress.

  3. Hi There, beautiful pictures, wud eagerly wait for more...cheers !

  4. I love drawings of plans and alterations. Though I can never really imagine what its going to be like, just like the crackle of that paper they use and the lines. Your place is going to be so cool. Windowseats always make the room! I guess next you'll you hunting down new fabrics...


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