Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Giveaway Winner Wanda! (and a photo of Spain...)

We have a winner for the Travelite luggage scale giveaway! As you remember, this is one of the inventions of my super-talented brother-in-law Ryan.

I had so much fun reading the descriptions of places people would love to travel to. Really, it was like going on mini-vacations as I dreamed of each place mentioned. Our winner choose Spain and she is...
{The beautiful Wanda Mann source:}
Wanda, who writes the amazing blog The Black Dress Traveler! Congrats Wanda! (could it be more appropriate for her -  a traveler-  to win this?) Wanda writes of Spain, "...the food,the music, the lifestyle and so many handsome men!" Read a post about Wanda here.

Spain is dear to my heart, too. It's where husband and I went on our Honeymoon! Here's a snapshot from our trip of a tiny beach in Nerha, Spain. Perfect in all ways but for jellyfish in the water! This photo brings back such wonderful memories...
Wanda, contact me with your address and I will send your prize asap!



  1. Oh darn, loved that invention. But congrats to Wanda, loved hearing about where she would go and heading over to her blog now. Have a fab weekend!

  2. Now that's a lucky traveler...good for Wanda!!


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