Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Great Time at the Beekman Street Art Fair

{Street scene of the Beekman Street Art Fair}
It's been years since I took on an outdoor show. (It's often tough to set up a booth, take down, deal with weather, etc...) But I made an exception for the Beekman Street Art Fair in Saratoga Springs, New York this month and was glad I did!

The festival was blessed with beautiful weather and a great turnout. I enjoyed watching all the dog breeds parade past. Saratogians love their dogs!

All the exhibitors were top notch, thanks to Cecilia Frittelli of Textile Studio for putting together a great show. In the booths to left was my good friend and super-talented jeweler Nancy Miller. See her work here. Nancy lives in Saratoga and I joked that the festival could have been called the "Nancy Miller Show" as everyone seemed to know her!

{Two If By Sea Gallery, Ballston Spa, New York)
The booth to my right was a fantastic painter, Melissa Holmes Hatch. Melissa's husband Gregory Tkal just opened a new shop in Ballston Spa called Two If By Sea Gallery that hold's Melissa's gorgeous paintings, of course, but also vintage light fixtures that have been restored and brought to code, ready to hang in your home. He also can rewire custom work and has new reproduction lighting, as well.

Greg has a twenty year career working with lighting in homes, museums and films, and this new venture is a dream come true. See a gallery of his work here. I have to visit this place, soon!



  1. that looks so lovely L - with all the green on the trees and the sunny sky - lucky you - hope the sales made it worthwhile too - best le xox

  2. Two if by Sea is awesome! I am so sorry I missed the Art Fair and hope to be there next year!!

  3. Loretta- Thanks for the networking! I was thrilled that we were tent "neighbors" ever since I saw your work on line, I was anxious to see it in person. It is more beautiful and creative than I could have imagined! Because they are reversible, it is like getting 2 for 1!
    -Hope to see you soon,
    Melissa and Greg

  4. Hello Loretta

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I am your new follower and so happy to have found you.

    The Beekman Fair sounds like a wonderful event and I am so happy to hear it was successful for you and your artist friends.

    Wishing you a week full of joy

    Helen xx


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