Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Studio - Open Couches

Liz and me holding one of her ceramic plates at the start of our sale
Our Holiday Delmar Open Studios this past weekend exceeded expectations! What a wonderful time! Liz Vigoda's gracious art-filled home was the perfect place to mingle, nibble and browse. Sales were fantastic, and Liz and I are able to make some very nice donations to The Nature Conservancy (from my jewelry sales) and The Schenectady Free Clinic (from Liz's pottery sales).

The timing of our sale seemed perfect - the weekend before all the zaniness of that Black-Friday-Shopping-Craziness-Stuff. When I set up my display is her home I asked Liz:

Let's move it all back four feet.

Why's that?

So everyone can sit on the couches

It was that kind of show.

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