Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pve - earring giveaway WINNER!

We have a winner for my earrings! Thank you to everyone who entered, and the team at Crafty Life & Style for featuring me as their Artist In The Spotlight. Find my interview here.

A big congrats to our WINNER Patricia van Essche! She is a supremely talented artist and writes the insightful blog pve design. (You will need to check it out!)

My son picking from an MC3 bowl
The winner was picked by an unbiased (and totally uninterested) third party!


  1. Lucky PVE! So bummed I was behind on reading emails. Whoops. Next time. They really are lovely.

  2. Your son is soooooooo adorable!...and your winner is very lucky!

  3. Loretta, Your son is so cute. Love his cozy sweater! Could you tell us more about the bowl in the picture? I really really like it!

  4. Thank-you! I look forward to a special package.
    Wonderfully sweet photo!


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