Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Birds In The Hand - My Liz Vigoda pick

So, what did I choose for myself from Liz Vigoda's pottery at our Holiday Delmar Open Studios?

{Fabulous Liz Vigoda pot with image of John James Audubon's mourning doves}
Isn't this so beautiful? This amazing pot and saucer was fired in her kiln three times - once bisque, once with glaze and a third time for the delicate transfer.
{transfer detail}

I LOVE it! A new house plant will find a fine feathered nest here!
To see some more photographs I took of Liz's work at the Holiday Delmar Open Studios click here.


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL piece! It's so elegant and the birds are adorable, adorable, adorable. I clicked your link and looked at her pieces and you picked the best!

    (but the plate with the Dutch tulip transfer is amazing, too.) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Loving the pot and saucer! I have been busy reading through your blog! I have been way behind and I am trying to catch up. I'll be back soon!!! xo sissy


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