Friday, March 18, 2011

Eddie Ross is looking for rooms to makeover (If you live in the South)!

I'm a new subscriber to Southern Living Magazine, and no, I don't live in the Southern United States.

This New York girl is subscribing because of the sheer talent of two people - Southern Living contributor Eddie Ross and Associate Decorating Editor Anne Turner Carroll.
First, let me talk about Eddie Ross, because, unlike me, if you DO live in the South, Eddie is looking for rooms no bigger than twenty feet by twenty feet to makeover for future Southern Living articles. Send images and a brief description of your room to:

Why have Eddie redo a room in your southern pad?

1. He's got fabulous taste. is a must-read blog for editors, stylists and design lovers of all stripes. Above is a great makeover of a 1960's ranch.  Can you believe how he tricked out the wall of windows?

{my battered copy of Elle Decor picked up at a doctor's office, September 2008}
2. He's a TV star. Or so I'm told because I don't have cable and lack HGTV and Bravo.  But I do have the the article from Elle Decor that shows proof he was in Top Design... Did he win? I don't know and don't care, because like in that telling photo, he's tops in my book!

3. Eddie is an expert shopper of all things vintage. He will fill your made-over room not only with impeccable style, but with the personality and gravity that his one-of-a-kind finds can bring. (Read the New York Times article on his renowned flea market adventures here.)

{Anne Turner Carroll, photo Rex Perry}
Now, the second reason I subscribed to Southern Living Magazine was I found that Anne Turner Carroll has landed there after Cottage Living magazine sadly folded. And let me tell you, I adored all the articles Anne worked on at Cottage Living. Three reasons why Anne is fabulous?

{...the before. I give Anne credit for smiling in this picture because in her mind's eye she sees...}
{...the after!}
1. Her kitchen makeover is seared into my brain. The most amazing real-life before and after kitchen you have ever seen! Anne's Birmingham, Alabama kitchen, profiled in last issue of Cottage Living (Nov/Dec 2008), is all over the blogosphere as it should be.

The best post on the amazing renovation is written by Anne's friend Erika at the fantastic blog Urban Grace Interiors. See all the amazing views of this space, including the stunning dining area adjacent to the kitchen, on Erika's post A Kitchen Intervention. (You'll get the name of the smashing paint color on those lower cabinets, too!)

{Anne Turner Carroll's den makeover, photo Laury W. Glenn}
2. Anne is the best (like Eddie) at getting the most bang out of a small budget. She works major magic.

{Southern Living bed makeover by Anne Turner Carroll, photo: Laury W. Glenn}
3.  I am in awe of the way Anne uses color and mixes pattern. She has an amazing eye! Could it be from her two years with the firm Diamond Barratta Design after getting her degree in interior design? I can't wait to get my first issue of Southern Living to see what's up her sleeve next!

Let's recap: If you live in the South, email Eddie Ross at and suggest he choose YOU for a room makeover. If you live in the South, North, East or West, get more Eddie and Anne with a subscription to Southern Living Magazine. You can preview 2 free issues here!



  1. Oooh... I love Eddie Ross too! Great post!

  2. I love Eddie's work and am jealous of his true talent. I only wish he would do a room in the north who cares if it's a southern magazine. Wonderful post!

  3. Not only is Eddie incredibly talented, he is equally fun and genuine. I have had the pleasure or his company many times and am one huge fan of his.
    Love my little package that arrived today!

  4. Well, I do live in the South and every room in my house is under 20 x 20. Maybe I should do this. Wouldn't that be fun?!

  5. Patricia- Glad you got the package! And the extra surprise tucked in with your jewelry!

    Rene - Go for it! Wouldn't it be fun to have Eddie come to your house!


  6. Loretta, Great post! I will have to try the magazine. Love hearing about Eddie and Ann. That kitchen renovation is amazing!

  7. Such a talent!
    I do enjoy his blog too...luv his recent window displays! plus, I would love to follow him to flea markets & thrift stores!
    Have a wonderful new week Loretta, hope NYC was a big success!!!


  8. I definitely think Southern Living has stepped up their game. Oh how I wish Cottage Living was still around. I saw Eddie at Scott's here in Atlanta last month. I was so geeky...just waved and smiled!

  9. Thanks for the heads-up, Loretta. Maybe I should give it a try. My bedroom might thank me! I saw him at Scott's too. I was on my cell phone and just sort of nodded at he and his crew. I was a bit starstruck!

  10. I remember seeing him on a design tv show, can't recall the name of the show. His designs are crisp and very functionable. Then again, he did work for Martha Stewart for a while and his approach is very East Hamptonie, but I love it. I would gladly give him "full" rein on a redo of not only a room, but my whole house.


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