Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Live near Albany, NY? Join me at a Spring Craft Show April 1&2!

My friends Antoinette and Karen are organizing a fantastic Craft Show at the beautiful historic Woman's Club of Albany on April 1 & 2. It's part of Albany, New York's 1st Friday schedule. I'll be showing my new Spring pieces from Loretta Fontaine Jewelry, and am excited to meet some of the artists who will be there:

Teresa Berger - felted accessories
Meredith Butler - handmade boxes
Cinderloop - clothing
Pam Demers - accessories and more
Loretta Fontaine - jewelry
Karen Greendale - jewelry
Ali Herrmann - original artwork & jewelry
Ben Karis-Nix - printed t-shirts (& music)
Nancy Miller - jewelry
Katie Nare - jewelry
Sistahs - vintage aprons
Sugi Pickard - mosaics
Lorre Smith - knitted textiles & collage cards
John Visser - pottery
Barabara Weingart - painted silk

10% of sales from the cafe benefit Hope in the Boat, the Capital Region breast cancer survivor's Dragonboat team, and the WCA.



  1. We have craft shows like that here as well and I'm always amazed by the talent these people show.

  2. We have named you for the stylish blogger award. Enjoy!!

  3. How exciting, sounds like a wonderful event!

  4. sounds like fun & for a wonderful cause as well, Loretta!


  5. How fun. I would love to come, but my daughter has her dance recital that weekend (with a broken wrist) - ugh....but it is just a little blip in the big picture!
    Hope you do really well- I know you will.

  6. I hope I do well, too!

    I'm looking forward to seeing some fresh faces at this show. Antoinette (one of the volunteers who is running the show) has beautiful, modern clothing on her website: Cinderloop So beautiful!


  7. wish we could hop a flight to NY - sounds amazing! Have a great weekend Loretta! -Ann


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