Friday, March 25, 2011

More NYC and meeting The Black Dress Traveler

{43rd Street}
Let's go back to my NYC trip pics! 

{Wanda and I outside the 45th Street Theater. photo:Shaye Strager}
Let me introduce you to the fabulous Wanda Mann who pens the blog  The Black Dress Traveler! I met Wanda at a performance of "Women Playing Men as Women" (to watch our mutual friend Duvall OSteen!) at the 45th Street Theater.

Wanda's blog covers "Saucy Snippets about Destinations, Fashion, Beauty, Food & Wine, Events & Everything Fabulous" from her home base of New York City. As soon as I met her, I was blown over by her infectious smile and the zing in her voice.
{source: The Black Dress Traveler}
I adore her attitude that the "little black dress" is a reminder to live life with a dash of flair whether you are traveling to work or circling the globe. Wanda implores everyone to have a little black dress approach to life no matter where you are or what you are wearing. She writes fluently on topics from trendy spas in Austin to her favorite Argentinian wines.

{source: The Black Dress Traveler}
Here's a photo from a recent Black Dress Traveler post that shows Wanda's roots - her grandmother Bertha, a performer and recording artist who, in Wanda's words "loved big furs, big jewels, and had even bigger love affairs..." Now we can see where a bit of Wanda's fabulousness came from!

{neon Johnny Cash lyrics overhead at Southern Hospitality}
After the play (which was awesome and based on Edward Albee's Zoo Story), I headed with Duvall to celebrate the performance and her co-star's husband's birthday at Southern Hospitalty BBQ bar and restaurant on Second Avenue near 76th Street. Owned by Justin Timberlake, Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala, it was my chance to try fried chicken livers, but I passed.

me: "What is that, that looks SO good"
he :"Fried chicken livers! Try?"
me: "Ummmm...."

Great pulled pork, though! We were all in a clubby room in the back, away from the bar scene in front.

{back room at Southern Hospitality - love the paper towels on the tables!}
I had to snap a picture of this room - the black and white plaid wallpaper against the tufted seats is fantastic! Have you ever seen plaid look so graphic?

{Duvall was so kind to drag my luggage}
Then it was off to catch the E train to Queens. I'll write about Queens, soon!



  1. wow what a fab trip by all accounts - will get there myself one day ... have only been to Chicago and St Louis in the states - have a wee wahy to go best le xox

  2. Le- NYC is a wee way for sure from your Australia! Come and I'll meet you in Grand Central Station!


    p.s. sadly I've only seen Chicago's airports...

  3. Wonderful to get to NY and to connect with others who have a flair for style, and for fabulous black dresses. Pop in this week - as I have a fun "dress" giveaway happening from Shabby Apple!

  4. Patricia- I'll come by! I adore your blog!


  5. Wanda sounds wonderful and her Grandmother, what a hoot! It sounds like you had a fabulous trip in NYC. Love visiting there, hated living there!Happy weekend Loretta!

  6. I love NYC. Looks like a fun time :)

  7. What a wonderful trip and so glad that you could connect with a friend. I LOVE that black dress too, gorgeous!! I hope to one day get there! :)


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