Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photos From My Photoshoot...

{Loretta Fontaine Sterling Silver Lucy Earrings with Purple Leaf}
I've been photographing my jewelry for the last few days to start up my own Etsy shop and want to share some of the photographs with you! Take a look at this previous post to see the photography lightbox setup, props (a Christmas ornament!) and camera lens I used.

In the photo above the green fabric and blue-painted wood blocks blurred into a beautiful background, don't you think?

{Loretta Fontaine Sterling Silver Theresa Necklace with White Tulip}
Here's the little Christmas ornament nest as a backdrop for a necklace. I'm torn between thinking the twigs looks absolutely charming, or if the twigs are too distracting. Do you have an opinion?

{Loretta Fontaine Sterling Silver Theresa Necklace with White Tulip}
Many of the necklaces and earrings are reversible, so I have to try and photograph the necklaces and earrings in multiple shots to show they can be worn both ways. Here's the other side of the necklace that was shown earlier. Luckily Etsy gives you five images for each listing!

{Loretta Fontaine Sterling Silver Meredith Necklace with Crimson Rose}
The colors in this image are fantastic. I don't think you can ever photograph the color red wrong!

{Loretta Fontaine 14K gold Lucy Earrings with Pale Pink Roses}
One of the earrings in this photo is deliberately out of focus, and it's such a different way of photographing jewelry then I am used to, (a pure white background with everything in sharp focus.) But I really love the subtle mood the partially blurry photo conveys.

{Loretta Fontaine 14K gold Triple Lucy Necklace with Pale Pink Roses}
I was able to hang some pieces within the opening of the little nest, and I like the effect.

{Loretta Fontaine 14K gold Triple Lucy Earrings with Crimson Rose}
Especially with earrings! This is a sweet image.

{Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm for detail}
I zoomed in for some jewelry closeups. The lens I used is perfect for this because the camera pulls far back from the piece (it's similar to a paparazzi lens!), and there are no shadows cast by the lens on the jewelry.

{detail of Loretta Fontaine Sterling Silver Lucy Earrings}
Here's a detail of the sterling silver craftsmanship on a pair of earrings. I don't buy ready-made components, but design all the silver work myself. This design on a pair of "Lucy" earrings was based on an antique William Morris wallpaper. I traced the design with tracing paper, then abstracted the design and etched it unto my master model to be cast. Then I antiqued and polished the silver.

The description section of the Etsy listings is a challenge - I want to convey all the unique ideas (like the William Morris inspiration above) that I put into each piece of jewelry. Luckily I have a talented blogger friend who is helping me write my descriptions, and pushing me to be as passionate as possible with my wording.

{Loretta Fontaine Sterling Silver Lucy Earrings with Crimson Rose}
...and lastly, here's one of the photographs I am taking with a ruler and penny for clients to judge scale. Looking at this, I should have widened the focal lenght of the lens to get all of the earring in focus, it looks a little odd to me. I am still taking photographs, so I may have time to retake it.

When my Etsy shop launches (soon!), I'll be doing a FANTASTIC Valentine's chocolate and jewelry giveaway, so stay tuned!



  1. Wow you have done an excellent job photographing your jewelery! Your pieces are just beautiful!!

  2. So pretty. You are very talented! The necklace with th tulip is my favorite.

  3. Oh congratulations on your Etsy shop! I love the rose earrings.


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