Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow Delay!

 Today we woke up to a two-hour school snow delay! My husband is a high school math teacher, so he was the first up to celebrate. Then Evie, then Rosie and last up Son H. We had popovers for breakfast and a quiet morning as everyone headed out two hours late.

{Our tracks this morning in the snow - we have quite the crowd headed down our street!}
 I walk with Rosie and Son H to their elementary school. We are lucky that we live close to the school, and are joined every morning by a bunch of neighborhood kids and parents for the morning trip. It wakes me up in the morning!

{snow on a blue spruce}
 There is something beautiful about freshly fallen snow. I love how it clings to every needle of an evergreen. It's magic when the air is still and the snow is falling. It's as if the whole landscape is whispering "hush".


{Winter's Black-eyed Susans}
Were you lucky enough to get snow this morning?



  1. Must have been lovely to scrunch down the road on that pure white snow...

  2. What gorgeous photos! No snow here ... but gracious, my kiddos want it desperately!!!

  3. Gorgeous! We have snow here and I love it.


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