Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Inspiration Boards

In my last post I wrote some tips about working on room inspiration boards. As promised, here are all three finished boards:

{for Portland}
Here's the board I made for my sister's house in Portland Oregon. It's a beautiful, modern architect-designed home with soaring spaces that she recently painted her walls and ceilings a shade of white (Popped Corn? or was it Popcorn Ball?) on the advice of the interior designers from Vanillawood. My sister loves clean, modern design and the color orange.

I didn't note what the objects were when I pasted them down, and when she asked who made the pierced orange and white bowl in the upper left hand corner, I had no clue! If you recognize who made it, let me know!

{Pennsylvania Board}
The next board is for my sister-in-law. She and my brother built a new home in Pennsylvania, and have to wait a year before they paint the walls on the advice of their builder.  The color I would choose for their living areas would be Benjamin Moore's Brushed Aluminum, a gorgeous, subtle  shade which would be a beautiful backdrop against the navy blues my sister-in-law loves.

She traveled the world as a child and teenager, an American living in Europe, Turkey and Japan. I've added some ethnic textiles (including a bold navy Turkish half moon block print) to comfy, traditional furniture. I can see her house filled with pink roses to add color.

{for me!}
..and the last of the three boards I made for myself. Except for the ceiling fan, paint color and my snake plant, all of the images are "inspiration only."

Other designer boards might show the exact furnishings, textiles and fabrics used in the room. My board is more about setting the mood I'm thinking of for the space, I'll be shopping thrift shops for most the furniture, and looking for the greenest options I can find.

Getting this inspiration board done really helped me focus on the mood I want to create. I've always wanted to make an inspiration board, and I can see now how helpful they can be!

Thanks for taking a look!

p.s. A Valentine's Day  jewelry and chocolate giveaway coming up soon!


  1. Loretta you have been very busy! The results show how well thought out the designs are! Bravo!

    2013 Artists Series

    1. Karena- You are too kind. I remember a few years ago you won my annual chocolate and jewelry contest. It will be coming up soon - maybe lightning will strike twice for you!


  2. How creative! Such a different look for each board, and they all are very pretty.


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