Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adirondack Vacation Pics

{beautiful site - Floating Battery island}

{the water is SO clear!}


{plug your nose!}


{guests on the dock}

{morning sunrise}

{after 12 days, packing up to head home}
Hope you enjoyed our Lake George vacation pictures! Where did you go this summer?



  1. Great pics! Oh my gosh do your kids look like you! Adorable! Yes- I made it down the mountain and realized I am a beach girl... so sick! I had to wear sea bands the whole time... but still fun! Welcome home... -Ann

  2. Where did we go...Lake George, we have friends that own a house there and went down for a long weekend but then again big lake. What a wonderfiul looking family you have and your son is going to hate you for that outhouse picture one of these days...lol.

  3. Love the top photo - natural and lovely. really love seeing pics of your very fun family!

  4. Jody- A very "natural" photo for sure after many days at camp! I must have washed a pint of dirt off of each kid when we got home!



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