Monday, August 8, 2011

Back From An Adirondack Vacation & Autoposting!

{we got to the site in my Dad's boat}
We just came back from a twelve day Adirondack family camping trip on Floating Battery Island in Lake George, New York. It's the most pristine place, and our site was in the shadows of Black Mountain, the highest peak on the lake. The last two weeks I've been using Blogger's Post Date "Scheduled At" feature so no one would know I was gone!

{Husband and Son H, paddling away}
I'm always worried for bloggers who write posts while on vacation.

ONE - you're letting strangers know you are out of town (see Traci Zeller's post on blogging safely and preventing home invasions!), and

TWO - don't you want to enjoy your vacation time and get away from the computer for once?

{view from the dock - lovely hues}
To autopost, I just wrote up two weeks of posts before I left, and had them scheduled to run while I was away. And get away we did - we went with my parents and lots of family came up. What a wonderful time! I'll post more pics later.

I'm really inspired to do an inspiration board for my living room from all the colors captured in the water, sky and mountains. Aren't the shades divine?



  1. Those colors are absolutely divine! Thanks so much for linking to my post - I really do get worried for people!!

  2. Traci- I do so love those colors, too!

    I hope everyone takes the time to read your post. After your robbery it never hurts to be as careful as you can.


  3. Wow this place looks gorgeous!! I bet all of you had such a wonderful time and I look so forward to seeing more pictures!


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