Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hang On Summer - Kayce Hughes Sale

It's raining today, Labor Day is past and Fall is just around the corner. A few red leaves have even hit our driveway.

But if you want to catch a bit more Summer, head to and stock up during her latest Sale.

{Sleeveless Nantucket Dress in White Twill with Red}
The clothes Kayce designs are modern with vintage flair. A smart cropped cardigan could carry this dress into Fall. (I'll take the wallpaper, as well!)
{Sleeveless Party Top with Blue and White Flower Bouquet}
Kayce's Bears and Pears children's clothes are adorable. (She has seven children, so she's quite child-savvy - read her story in this online Summer 2011 issue of House of Fifty.)

{Vintage Knit Sun Set - Pink and White Stripe with Green Scotty}
..and Summer baby clothes as on sale as well! So sweet! Here's hoping for a bit of Indian Summer for everyone this month.


(This is not a sponsored post - I just admire these clothes and am so happy to share them with you!)


  1. I am with you, I love her clothes too!!

    Thanks for the welcome to NY - it has been crazy so far - but hopefully things will be a little more normal soon. It is really beautiful here, and we are really looking forward to checking out all of the new areas.


  2. Cute things! I'm ready for fall and cooler temps!
    xo Cathy

  3. Cathy- I could use a bit more Summer! I wish I could wear sandals another month.


  4. Oh that dress is adorable!! Looks like a sale well worth checking out!!


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