Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making A Paper Model of the Windowseat

{working it out}
Today I made a paper model of the windowseat addition we're building so I could take a better look at how the rooflines will work.  (I'm thinking I want a larger overhang then what's shown on the construction drawings.)

If you can remember from this post back in October 2010, this project was suppose to be completed almost one year ago! It should start this week. Everyone I know tells me contractors are always delayed.

Have you had a contractor complete a project on schedule?


p.s. Thanks all for voting on their favorite of my three master plans. The winner (and my favorite, too!) - plan #1!


  1. Loretta,
    How incredibly wonderful your model is. Our project is still.....still in progress. It has been such an experience that has involved smiles, tears and lots of learning. My contractor said that the "3rd" house you get it right. From the time all my choices were made, so many other items tempt me and lure me to re-consider....but it will be fabulous. Patience is a virtue. I just cannot wait until the place is ready for a party.
    Will you come?

  2. The time I used to spend making paper architecture, love that you still do it. Our contractor is also a very good friend so we can never get rid of him but we're also very lucky our jobs are always done on time but that could be because it's a small town.

  3. Love the paper model- still my favorite way of doing things! I can not wait to see the finished product! Did you ever get my t1-11 pics. I think I emailed them to you. Have a great weekend! -Ann

  4. Wow, you are really thorough. And what a great idea as you'll see it in 3D!

  5. Love the model - planning makes perfect, yes? No - I don't know of a singe contractor who did everything they said they were going to do AND do it on time. Either they do it on time and something got left out OR the get it all done and its overdue. Ah, well.


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