Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Recycled Project - "Pop Can Trio"

"Pop Can Trio" - recycled aluminum cans, waxed cotton
I'm starting a "deep clean" of my studio and came across these aluminum "vessels" I made a while back.  If you're in a book store you can pick up a copy of the book "500 Metal Vessels" and find them published on page 154.

{the book you can find them in!}
I named my little group "Pop Can Trio" because at the time I was living in a house near kid's baseball fields. I'd pass them twice a week on my walks to the post office and became obsessed (as in digging in the trash cans!) with picking up and redeeming all the soda cans always lying around. 

When a call for entries for this book came out, I just had to use soda cans!

I saved my favorite cans for this little project (the tallest "vessel" is only 5 inches high!). The one complex shape is based on a project for a structural column I did in Architecture School with my friend Christine. She's still a good friend!

I hope you enjoyed this little creative project dug out of my past. I'm having fun going through lots of stuff. 


p.s. Funny reading that word "Pop"! When I was in school in Buffalo, New York that's what soda was called, and I also thought the vessels looked a bit like Pop Art.


  1. You're very creative is there any part of the arts you can't do well? Recylced art, love it! And we called soda "pop" too!

  2. Love them! I need to go diggin at my parents house and see whats around from art school! Have a great weekend! ...-Ann

  3. Oh I agree you are so creative!! These look awesome and what a blessing to have them published.

  4. Loretta you amaze me. Pop art indeed, I adore these works!


    Art by Karena

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  5. You are so multi-talented Loretta! These are so cool - they belong in a book - and a museum!


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