Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Paper Model - and Demo Is Done!

Here's my paper model completed with it's roof on! This shows the new windowseat and the larger roof overhang and a 18" roof extension over the deck. (The construction drawings done a year ago had shallower overhangs.) This past Spring a friend told me I needed heftier overhangs if I really wanted to change the style of my 70's "modern" house to something more traditional, and I have to agree. See the shallower roof overhand here.

Another project is on this paper model, too. Wouldn't this new french door and circular window look great to replace the existing ho-hum sliding patio door? I think so, and maybe it can be done in a year or two. Always dreaming! My budget calls for renovating in stages.

The demolition of the old fireplace chase is done and work building the windowseat should start this week, weather permitting. Here you can see the old steep staircase removed and the ladder up the chase...
{an octopus revealed!}
Always surprises during demo. I never knew the old fireplace had all these vents attached to it! We have four vents in the house that I though were HVAC, but were really a forced air complex heating system with this old fireplace we never used! Weird, and looks like an octopus!
Fianlly, all torn down and ready for the new construction. I am SO excited!


  1. I can tell you're excited Loretta, heck I'm excited for you. Funny about your "octopus" and I can't wait to see your new window seat. Love the idea of the French doors it would really add a lot.

  2. Your paper model is so great! Love seeing all the progress. Hope you're doing well.
    xo E + J

  3. I love your paper model, that is so cool and such a great way to see things. I hope all is going well and it is going to be so beautiful.

  4. What a sweet paper model...can't wait to see it all complete Loretta! xx Danielle

  5. You are so good with these paper models - have to say they are little art works in themselves. Can't wait for the start, am going on this journey with you!

  6. Oh your paper model is awesome!! I agree I am looking so forward to seeing the completed project. I know you are getting excited to have it finished. I know it is going to be so pretty!!!


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