Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Andy Warhol Inspired Ring & Necklace For My Sis

Remember I promised to post some of my elf gifts? One of the unique things about my business Loretta Fontaine Jewelry, is I can incorporate a custom image into any of my designs. So, last December I was busy making a lot of custom commissioned pieces for clients as special holiday gifts.
{My nephew is TOO cute!}
One gift I want to share was based on this awesome illustration my brother Dave did of my little Nephew B. His proud Mom, my dear Sister S, snapped an adorable photo of him with a chin full of carrots, and my brother, (a fantastic San Diego-based Art Director and Graphic Designer), made this Andy Warhol inspired image for her.
{Sterling silver Maria ring - it's resting on tool called a ring sizer}
 ...I used the .jpg file he emailed to create miniature original photographs, (they are printed at a local Pro Lab), and here's the ring I made.
{Sterling silver Triple Maria necklace with lapis, peach agate and green agate beads}
 ... and here's the matching necklace. I chose my Maria design, and the sterling silver necklace reverses to show solid blocks of color to match the beads.
{McKenna travel jewelry box in porcelain blue}
As my sister's Secret Santa, I packaged them all up in a new Pottery Barn jewelry box. Reindeers have relayed news to me that she loves the jewelry and wore it out on New Year's Eve!

I've slowly been getting reports from my clients of the responses (all very good!) to commissioned jewelry that was unwrapped over the holidays! It's such a pleasure to make such special custom pieces, and I hope to share more of them in the future.



  1. Really cute...what a great idea!

  2. These are lovely! Thanks for stopping by today - the kids/dog issue is tough :) (I've found for the most part, keeping ticks away is fairly simple)

  3. Loretta- Is your whole family oozing creativity? Those are insanely cool! Love love love! -Ann

  4. Brilliant and sweet at the same time, if I received that when my son was little I would have cried out of sheer happiness! xx Danielle

  5. this is fab - your sis is a lucky wee sis :) btw was a qunitessential babe he is :) divine le xox


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