Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Part 3 Behind-The-Scenes: The Buffet

 Part 3: The Buffet

Here's the third and final Behind-The-Scenes from my December 22 post APPLESandRUBIES: Pure Style Home Holiday Inspired Lunch. My inspiration for this lunch came from Lauren Liess' Better Homes & Gardens article "Christmas Present."
{the sides are chip-carved in Tramp Art style}
 I hoisted this treasure onto my kitchen counter for the background of the buffet. Lauren Liess's love of warm aged brown woods (read her post on it here) has me appreciating even more the carved wooden church made by my great-grandfather Michael McQuade.

I was told he carved it in a day when pregnant women were not expected to be seen much outside the house. So he stayed inside and carved to keep his wife Lucy company, and to wait for the birth of my grandmother, Mabel.

{love this color}
Now, a funny thing about this lunch was I couldn't find the magazine with the "Christmas Present" article in it the day I was getting everything ready! (I may have left it in the fabric store when I bought the fabric for the table runner.) This was probably for the best, so I could just focus on the palette and mood in my head. 
{fold the ribbon in the middle twice for a tight knot}
Aren't these coppery pears so sweet tied with simple citron green grosgrain ribbons? Really easy.

 There was nothing fancy at this lunch, just sandwiches, fruits and nuts, and my little Brown Sugar Coconut Cake. Half of the guests were preschoolers!

That's the end of my three part behind-the-scenes! Read my original December 22 post for this lunch at APPLESandRUBIES: Pure Style Home Inspired Lunch.

Thank you, Lauren for the inspiration!



  1. What an awesome wooden church and the fact that your grandfather made it, must make you so proud to showcase it! xx Danielle
    ps. i showed face on my what to wear wednesdays, i'm thinking it may depend on the picture, b/c this one looked weird with my head removed...tell me what you think?

  2. Hey Loretta...'tis me again I am passing on the stylish blogger award to you. Check out my blog to see what I mean. xx Danielle

  3. Loretta, I read all the posts on your holiday lunch and it looks so amazing. The colors are fantastic, the food so simple and yummy and i really like all your behind the scene stories. Especially on the old wood church. That is a treasure! Mac


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