Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowy Days

Here near Albany, New York we've been blanketed with snow. It's a serene, white wonderland and I think this will be one of those winters where we don't see the ground until a Spring thaw. Which is fine with me. When it's cold out I enjoy this white magic.

{Evie and Rosie by the creek behind our home}
We've had two snow days this month and the kids couldn't be happier!

{my little guy off the slide}
If you've got the snow, enjoy it!


p.s. I've been writing APPLESandRUBIES for over four months and on the last snow day, (My Mr. is a teacher), my husband FINALLY took some time to read the blog! His comments? "Cool," he says, "I didn't know you burnt the roses!" Love you, sweetheart!


  1. Those images of your children are adorable and priceless. We've had so much snow this season and I have to say, I love it. Before children, if I wasn't snowboarding in the snow I had no use for it, but now I see the beauty in the winter wonderland! Have a great weekend!

  2. how fab to have the creek by your home like that - lucky kids :) best le

  3. Love the photos as always, Loretta!

  4. Great photos of your kids in the snow. I love it when it is snowy and white outside - so much brighter and cheerful for the winter months.
    Enjoy the snow! Cathy

  5. Most bloggers hubby's don't read their blogs. Consider yourself blessed.

    I on the other hand have one who reads it all the time so no posting of purchases for me. :)

  6. THAT is a lot of snow. With just about 4 inches here in Atlanta it paralyzed the city. No mail or garbage collection for 2 weeks. School closed for a full week.....We talked about my husband not reading my blog and after reading the comment above...that is a good reason for him not to!

  7. so thankful that this winter here in maryland is not so harsh compare to last winter.


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