Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loretta's Top Ten APPLESandRUBIES Posts of 2011

Looking back at 2011, here's my favorite TOP TEN APPLESandRUBIES posts:
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#1 January 2011:  APPLESandRUBIES Pure Style Home Inspired Lunch post. Creating a winter tablescape based the color palette of Lauren Liess's star turn article in Better Homes and Gardens. Thanks for the inspiration, Lauren! (and it gave me the kick in the butt to finally hang curtains in my dining room!)

 #2 April 2011: APPLESandRUBIES Wishes For Charlie post. How could I forget this beautiful and moving interview I did with fellow blogger Sarah Greenman of La Maison Boheme about her son's upcoming surgery? This charming boy is doing so well now! See an update on Charlie here.

#3 January 2011: APPLESandRUBIES Dreams and Dragonflies post. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry,  based on Loretta Fontaine Jewelry's sterling silver Maria necklace. I enjoyed researching, sketching and painting the delicate dragonfly for this custom piece.

 #4 May 2011: APPLESandRUBIES A Letter To Vern Yip post. What a pleasure to get together and have a GREAT design consultation on my home from HGTV's iconic interior designer Vern Yip.

Stacey, I'm still waiting for those photos of Vern and I... I know you took, like, a hundred photos!!!

#5 June 2011: APPLESandRUBIES "A Beautiful Windowseat" Post - This was the MOST POPULAR post of the year. (Seven months later it still gets dozens of hits a month... Unbelievable!!!)  A tale of how I envisoned my dream windowseat, and the random Google search that lead me to Lauren Liess's blog Pure Style Home.

#6 June 2011: APPLESandRUBIES A Little Custom Can Make All The Difference post. One of my favorite things - customizing my jewelry to perfectly fit the client! This is the Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver "Theresa" necklace with the miniature original photograph "Reaching Boxwood."

#7 August 2011: APPLESandRUBIES Labeling: My Dad and A Sharpie post. Dad, I love you and you crack me up, always!

 #8 September 2011: APPLESandRUBIES More Paper Model and Demo is Done! post If you've followed my blog this year you'll see the slow progress of my windowseat construction as the year went on. Making this paper model was a blast. (You can see the latest windowseat update here.)


 #9 September 2011: APPLESandRUBIES Our Backyard Flooded From Irene post. Yes, this is our backyard creek. Looking more like a small pond. What a storm!


#10 APPLESandRUBIES Best and Brightest For Nate post. Yes, I picked the outfit on the left, and yes, I will post soon on the trip to NYC to see the show taped. And yes, I am so SAD The Nate Berkus Show was not picked up for next season!

What a fun trip down memory lane to make this list. I put my top ten list in chronological order, because, honestly, I could not rank my favorites within this bunch.

Happy 2012!


  1. It isn't so much a favrite post but man look at what you've been through the last've had a very nice and exciting year!

  2. Debra - Thanks! I loved reading your Acquired Objects posts watching your carriage house renovation pics in 2011. What a great space you have to work in for 2012!


  3. This kind of information is more informative and knowledgeable which we can get more useful thing from it. Thanks for having this kind of information into on the post.

  4. What a lovely year you've had. Looking forward to more in 2012!

  5. Loretta, What a great top ten list! I remember the dragonfly post well. Happy new Year! Mac

  6. What a great year you had. Vern Yip? Too cool!!!!!!! Tell Vern to come to my house, next!

  7. I agree what a great list! I always so enjoy reading your posts!!

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