Friday, June 10, 2011

A "Beautiful Window Seat" by Lauren Liess For The DC Design House

Remember my post that mentioned the progress of Lauren Liess's room in the DC Design House? Here's the finished room! What an amazing difference!

{"The Hideaway" at the DC Design House, photo:Helen Norman}
Now, how did I ever find Lauren's wonderful blog Pure Style Home in the first place? 

It was back in Spring of 2010 when I was using Google Images to search the words "Beautiful Window Seat" as I was doing research to design my own window seat. I came upon an image of a  window seat in an old April 2009 post by Lauren called "Icons of Home" describing how she had just bought a home, and was using photographs to illustrate what would be in her dream home. 

Of course, her home was so similar to the one I had just bought, ( a '70s home with a walk-out basement, creek in the back and a so-similar first floor plan) that I had to keep reading a year's worth of past Pure Style Home posts to catch up.

{so charming! photo: Helen Norman}
So I have to sigh with happiness when I see this room in the DC Design House. Let's just focus on this new "beautiful window seat," shall we? There's the Peter Dunham Fig Leaf fabric on the pillows. Luscious! As well as two pillows with fabric from Lauren's new collection Lauren Liess Textiles - Wild Chicory in black, and Magnolia in true. Don't you want to curl up and spend the day?

{photo: Helen Norman}
With a Princess and the Pea fairy tale twist, Lauren has three real mattresses stacked up. Heavenly! Such an innovative and creative space. Even though the room is dismantled as the showhouse is over, I know the photographs of this room will live on and be referenced time and time and time again, happily ever after.  Congratulations, Lauren!

{my sketch - construction has been delayed yet again - will start late this month}
Here's the latest drawings of my windowseat project...
{interior - pillows will be added, promise. This is a "working" drawing!}
...and did you know that I always invisioned a cozy "real mattress" in it, not just a thin piece of covered foam? A real mattress in a window seat is something I rarely see, so I was SO excited to see it in Lauren's project!

{from Pure Style Home, image from Cottage Living}
...let's go back to that image I pulled out of Google Images so long ago, and you can read Lauren's April 2009 post "Icons of Home" here. One of my favorites!


p.s. For an update on my own "beautiful windowseat" click here!


  1. What a wonderful Lauren's style!! I have never seen a full mattress used in a window seat and it's fabulous. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

  2. can't wait too...absolutey beautiful! happy weekend

  3. Loretta, how exciting! Lauren's room is really wonderful. three matresses! Would make me feel like a little kid, yet it all looks so grown up!

  4. This room is awesome!! Love the colors she used also!

  5. Alicia- I love those colors, too. The greens are just wonderful!


  6. I love Lauren's taste and those curtains in the DC house, loved them only to find out it's her fabric!! I can't wait to see what you do with your window seat. Have a wonderful Sunday evening Loretta!

  7. I can not wait to see your window seat when it is done! I love these images! (and pure style home!) Happy Monday...-Ann

  8. I love window seats! A wonderful place to read, blog or take a nap!

  9. I have always loved window seats and begged my parents for one when I was in high school--they had one built in with music and shelves for a birthday present and it was just the best. Funny I was just thinking about turning my upstairs alcove into one--and you're so right about using a real mattress!

    xo mary jo

  10. That window seat is AWESOME. I love her work - so calm and laid back and beautiful.

  11. Wow, that looks so stylish, inviting and comfortable!

  12. What an innovative idea - three mattress stacked on top of each other?! Who would have thought. I LOVE this room that Lauren designed!


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