Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little "Custom" Can Make All The Difference

{a larger clasp}
With jewelry, it's little customizable details that can make the difference between a piece a person will wear all the time, and a piece that sits in a dresser drawer. Here's a necklace I just modified with a larger clasp. The necklace was given as a gift - but the clasp was too difficult for the recipient to use. So, back to my studio for a little tweak...

{reversible sterling silver Theresa necklace with Reaching Boxwood}
It brings me joy to make pieces that are PERFECT for my clients. A longer or shorter chain, a custom photograph and custom gemstones are all easy when you work directly with the artist.

And here's the beauty in my garden that was photographed for the piece - boxwood! Doesn't she make an great model? I love to capture the elegance of plants in my jewelry.

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry you love, but can't wear because it needs a little "custom"?


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  1. Hi Loretta, really love this piece - how fabulous, I really enjoy anything that reminds you of plants and nature! Sorry it's taken me sooo long after you did such a wonderful job of re-posting on the "Kiwi bach" - thank you! What a wonderful job you did. We are in France and just got internet after four days....Will let my friends know - they will be thrilled they appeared on your blog!

  2. So pretty! Love that dangling pearl mixed with the nature.

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I love this necklace. Absolutely beautiful! Great work.

  4. I love your necklace Loretta and how great are you to customize a piece for someone. Love that you're able to take something from the outdoors and make it yours. Have a wonderful week!


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