Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jewelry for Mimosa Gallery and a Favorite Garden Flower

{sterling silver Maria earrings with Reaching Flower in Plum and freshwater pearls}
I've been working on new summer jewelry for the amazing Mimosa Gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York. (So worth a visit during horse racing season or any season!) This earring features a photograph of one of my favorite garden flowers, tinted violet.

{pardon the "jewelers hands" - polish and long nails don't mix well with bench work!}
This style is reversible - you can thread the earring off the handmade earwire and thread it back reversed. Here's the back - I did the etching in silver based on a William Morris wallpaper.

 More work to send to Mimosa Gallery. The earrings here are the same style, but with a different photograph of the same flower - this time in classic black and white.
{beautiful - I love to photograph this one!}
 The flower is a "perennial sunflower" that I started from seed years ago. Such a beautiful muse, this garden plant. About 2" blooms in yellow, with tiny sunflower seeds that form later. She reminds me of a ballerina!
Here the plant is today growing behind some hosta in front of the house. It looks very weedy,  doesn't it. Part of it's charm! I'll cut it back once before it blooms this Fall. What's your favorite garden flower?


p.s. I'm still interested in your opinions on my which of my three Master Plans I drew up for my house is your favorite! Click here to see them. Thanks!


  1. Hi Loretta! Love the new purple jewelry!

  2. Jeez Loretta I'm very impressed with your earrings and the bit you did on the backside. Don't worry about your nails since I cut mine weekly too, hand stitching, sewing and long nails don't mix. Add into that mix the fact I'm always outside with Dylan dog picking at something in the gardens. We grow four varieties of sunflowers too I love how happy they look!

  3. Love the second necklace with the silver leaf pattern!
    xo Cathy

  4. Debra- Funny! The last time I had long nails was in high school!

    Cathy- Glad you like the necklace! It's my Meredith necklace with Tropical Leaf. One of my favorites.


  5. Oh my goodness your earrings looks awesome!! You really are so very talented!!

  6. Your creations are beautiful! I really like the ones based on an etching. Very nice.


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