Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planning An Ikea Trip

{road trip! The nearest Ikea to Albany, NY is Paramus NJ}
I'm planning a trip to Ikea - an all day event as you can see how far from Albany, New York the nearest store is! All by myself, no kids, no husband. Just me and a lunch date with Adal, Bjursta and Billy. (Husband went to an Ikea in Pennsylvania once, on a crowded weekend, and vowed never to return again to that "crazy spiral" store.)

{Ikea Kura bed - the panels reverse from white to blue}

I want to pick up a few things for the kids rooms - A desk for Rosie, bookshelves for Evie and this Ikea Kura bed for Son H. This photo above from the Ikea catalog just drew me right in. The bed's not as high as a bunk bed, and has such a cool area to play underneath. Dreamy for a six year old! Should I spring for that tent top, too?

I might see if I can hack it to make the left right and the right left. After looking at other photos online I realize that there are three white solid panels facing the wall that will block a lot of light coming from Son H's bedroom window.  Not a very exciting hack, but a practical one!

I told my husband that maybe I should call the store to make sure the bed is in stock before I drive down. I heard this bed can sell out. Then I found the handy "product availability" feature on the Ikea site. Pretty cool, huh?

What's your absolute favorite Ikea purchase? Or do you, like my husband, avoid the store at all costs?


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  1. What fun! But what a bummer that it's so far.

    I would say my favorite Ikea purchase (love the store!) is my huge bookshelf on which I have neatly stored my beloved knitting notions and some yarn. It's a big improvement over what I was using before!

  2. Carrie- Which bookshelf did you buy? I want to pick up two of the new LACK bookshelves for Evie.


  3. i think my favorite ikea purchase is the two piece leather l-shaped sofa. its worn really well and feels pretty timeless. p.s. it was also a steal!

  4. The Paramus store is enormous - so much bigger than the one in Charlotte!! My in-laws live close to there and on our Thanksgiving trip, I stopped in to get the Maskros pendant (when it had first come out) for a child's sitting room. It is adorable - and has since made the rounds of the blogosphere! - and probably my favorite IKEA purchase.

  5. I am totally obssessed with our local Ikea which is five minutes from here. But I must admit I know it so well as bought everything from there when we first arrived here nine years ago. If you don't go often, it drives you crazy. Its so inexpensive you can use their indoor furniture as outdoor which I have done with a metal table and two huge wicker chairs

  6. Traci- I love that Maskros Lamp! My friend Stacy used the large one in her art studio: I would love to see an image of your room.

    Jody- Five minutes away? Lucky you! I would be there all the time!



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