Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watercolors and a "Master Plan" for my house...

{The fireplace chase is rotting so I'm making lemonade from lemons}
 I'm working on a "Master Plan" for my home! Here's a photo of the back of my house before our renovations start. It's a 70's house with gray painted "T1-11" grooved plywood siding. You pronounce it "Texture One - Eleven" It's the stuff they clad sheds and barns with, and in my case, a house.

{The back is a bit of a mish-mash of windows- eventually I'll replace them all!}
Here's the elevation I showed earlier of the new windowseat that will be built soon where the fireplace chase is now. And we are rerouting the deck stairs. (The steep narrow staircase will be gone and we'll have five foot wide stairs and landings to the side)

{Love my blue Staedler drafting pencils - a set of tweleve from the soft 6H to the hard 4H}
I'm working on tweaking the final exterior materials for the windowseat and developing a "Master Plan" for the whole house. Here's my original drawing and I'm adding a new piece of tracing paper over it... sketch out some new dreams for the future. 

{In this plan I'm using T1-11 on the new windowseat- see the 8" apart vertical grooves?}
See the pencil on tracing paper over the  old drawing?

 Then I photocopied the whole thing and whipped out the watercolors...

{Evie got mad I "muddied" the colors in her set!}
 Of course, I haven't made a trip to the art store lately, so I'll make do with the kid's Crayola set and the sad brush that came with it.

Coming next... The finished Master Plan!


p.s I've just lined up an APPLESandRUBIES guest post on seating heights from the talented Ashley Spath! Thank you Ashley, I can't wait to see what you write!


  1. How fun to see your dreams come to life with pencil and a little color! Good luck with your exciting project. You must be thrilled!!!

  2. This is a lot of fun to see come live huh Loretta? How exciting for you and I love you want to make the windows bigger. Small ones get lost on a big house and your home looks big. I want to see the finish watercolor please, you're so talented!

  3. Our whole house is T1-11 too! Go 70's! Looove the new plans... what a difference- I can't wait to see it all unfold... Hope you have a great rest of the week...-Ann

  4. Ann- Your house is T1-11, too? No way! Then we both have something in common with Annie Selke's remodeled ranch! Link:

    Funny thing is our neighbor just started residing his brown t1-11 house with beige vinyl just as that series on Annie Selke's home came out in House Beautiful magazine!


    Annie's plywood siding had narrower grooves, like 4" apart vs. 8".

  5. So great! Can not wait to see this dream turn into a reality!

  6. Wow what great plans! Really look forward to seeing it all progress. You are so talented so I know the finished project will look awesome!!

  7. Oh I am so excited for you Loretta. So looking forward to see your dream house turn into reality. I am sure you must be filled with joy.

  8. Marvelous! You are so super talented! I'm so looking forward to watching these plans take shape.

  9. Love seeing the watercolours added, so exciting!


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