Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jody Scooped Dwell (and knows the lingo, too!)

{in my mailbox}
Yes, we all coveted the cool New Zealand beach house on the cover of the latest issue of dwell magazine...
{Jody's foot stepping down the stairs of dwell's cover house... photo: Jody Brettkelly}
...but my friend Jody Brettkelly, the beautiful and quick-witted blogger behind About Last Weekend got her manicured foot in the door and scooped dwell with her post "Corker Kiwi Bach" early this year!

{Jed, and Jody expertly dressed to match his tractor}
Jody visited with her friends Kate and Jed last January on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand and gave us her take on the gorgeous modern home Jed designed...
{photo: Jody Brettkelly}
Of course, being a Kiwi herself, Jody throws us all the proper lingo too. The place is a small beach house, or Bach (pronounced "batch"), where you can throw off your jandals, and join your rellies round a chilly bin on the lawn. 

{photo: Jody Brettkelly}
Isn't the kitchen fabulous! The house has pops of orange and blue throughout. And look how it still looks fantastic on an average day without the team of magazine stylists...

{a wonderful axis, source}
I admire the use of materials - wood, fiber cement and stone framing the views of sky and sea. Masterful architecture. More on Jed's amazing architecture practice here.

{how could she ever leave? source}
Read Jody's About Last Weekend post on the house here, and next visit bring me along, please!


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  1. Wow- I didn't know about this! What a beautiful house her friends have! Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by my blog today. I truly appreciate it. :)

  2. Yes she did! I just love Jody, she's so down to earth but incredibly chic!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. This home is just gorgeous!! How wonderful that she got to go visit them!

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for this Loretta! You are such a star. Sorry it's taken me so long to come over to you - we are in France with no internet. I'm going to let my Kiwi friends know you re-posted - they will be totally thrilled!


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