Sunday, June 5, 2011

Help Me Name My Mystery Vegetable!

 Do you know what this mystery vegetable is? I got them at a neighborhood plant swap and the name started with an "s". Something like shallots or scallions. We pulled them all up and cooked (bulb, stems and all) them in early Spring, but left two to "mature" and this is what we got.

These look like little baby mystery "s" plants that would probably fall to the ground and root eventually, do you think? Should I separate and plant them?

Here's the mystery plant in the garden bed.
..and here's the stem.  Any guesses on this plant? When do you harvest it and what parts do you eat? 

UPDATE: Mystery solved! Egyptian Walking Onion! Thank you Kathy!


p.s. I'm still interested in your opinions on my which of my three Master Plans I drew up for my house is your favorite! Click here to see them. Thanks!


  1. Wow I'm not sure. The top part looks like a green onion but the bulb part looks like something different. Hope you find out what it is!!

  2. Gosh I have no clue, but curious to read the answer. xxo

  3. Hey Loretta,
    It's called an Egyptian walking onion (scallion) and it even has its own website. Who knew?

    You do indeed plant the bulb head for next year's plant. I replanted my bed last year using mature transplants and about 30 of those heads and I have lovely forest of them now. I harvest some in Spring well before the seed heads develop, put in Cuisinart with enough olive oil to hold them together, then store them in freezer bags in the freezer. Break off pieces for winter soups and stir-fry.
    I got my first plant from an Albany friend, Rachel Ropp, who is now an acupuncturist in Albuquerque. Pass on the love! KR

  4. The top part looks like spring onion and I am not sure about the bottom part. I am eager to see to know the answer too. Strange plant.

  5. Look very shalloty and something that very avant garde florists would put in their arrangements these fabulous to have mystery plants in your vege garden!


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